A lady with short black hair and clear glasses smiling at the camera

Meet Patricia

Patricia graduated in Fine Arts from The Victorian College of the Arts under the Drawing and Printmaking department and has completed a Masters of Art Curatorship. They are an emerging artist and curator who love to curate shows for themselves and their fellow peers, primarily under the themes of childhood, queer identity, and personal relationships. They have a multidisciplinary practice that expands on traditional forms of printmaking through the incorporation of photography, sculpture and installation. The sculptural element offers an opportunity for print to become spatial, creating a theatrical and immersive scene in the form of scaled-up or miniature woodcuts.


Patricia is inspired by the endless boundaries a medium can achieve and loves to experiment as much as possible. They also love to use art as a form of therapy and believe that art can help communicate feelings and thoughts that words can’t describe.

Areas of Expertise

Printmaking, Drawing, Sculpture, Installation