Meet Susan

A lady with short brown hair smiling at the camera

Susan has over 40 years’ experience in painting, exhibiting and tutoring. She studied Decorative/Textile Design in London, UK and held her first solo exhibition in Covent Garden, London. 

She has been the recipient of several art awards over the years and has had the privilege of being a judge in local art shows with Rotary. Susan has tutored many different art classes during her career, most of these being at local community centres. She is a member and Vice President of the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria.


Susan works mainly in acrylic paint but also uses mixed media techniques and is open to exploring any new medium. She is currently exploring intuitive painting and finds this technique allows the painting to develop in its own unique way. She believes that the creative process is very important for our well-being and as a tutor she is able to help students explore their inner world.

Areas of Expertise