About Peta


Peta McDonald portrait

Peta McDonald has been a science teacher for over 20 years, working in both secondary and primary school settings. Alongside her teaching career, she has developed her interest and skills in Botanical and Nature Illustration. Earlier this year, Peta completed a Botanical Illustration Studentship at the National Herbarium of Victoria where she specialised in creating scientific diagrams of microscopic leafy liverworts. Her focus lies in capturing the intricate details of plants and natural objects.  
Peta’s art integrates her scientific knowledge with her enjoyment of drawing. She delights in sharing this with others, promising to engage participants in the beauty and mystery of the natural world through classes using graphite, pen and coloured pencil. 


The world outside her door serves as an endless source of inspiration for Peta’s art. From plants, fungi and slime moulds to insects, birds and lichens, countless subjects capture her attention. Teaching these classes allows Peta to introduce others to scientific wonders and to teach techniques for rendering them in art.

Areas of Expertise

Teaching, Biological Science, Colour Pencil Drawing, Botanical Illustration 

Peta mcdonald_birds